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Plastic Tube End Caps and Closures
Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes

ZMAIL–Product Media

Mailing Tube Clear Plastic Shipping Tube Clear Plastic Mailing Tube Transparent Plastic Mailing Tube Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes (ZMAIL)

Our clear plastic mailing tubes will offset increasing mailing costs with higher response rates. They are a creative, high impact method of delivering your product samples, literature or promotional message. Due to their shape, our plastic mailing tubes stand out from the ordinary envelope and because the tubes are transparent, the contents are clearly viewable, unlike cardboard mailing tubes.

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Tube Size Wall Thickness Length
5mm - 70mm ±.08 ±.08 ±1.6
70mm - 90mm ±.13 ±.08 ±1.6
> 90mm ±.20 ±1.6